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Pack 241 is open to all children and families in grades K through five regardless of race, color or religion. Although most of the kids attend Buttonball Lane School, this is not a requirement. We do suggest that if your child has a pack in their school, this will probably be more fun as they will know more children and as a result have a better experience in both school and the pack.



The Cub Scouts have some basic goals. That it is for all children and their FAMILIES. Family involvement is a part of the experience, for them to work together, play together, and get to know each other better. It is FUN ! Scouts define fun as more than just a good time; they are challenged, engaged with others, learning new things, mastering skills and gaining self-confidence. We have IDEALS such as the Scout Oath and Scout Law, which are positive values to live up to. We expect the scouts to know these. We provide ADVENTURE ! The kids will go hiking, camping, on field trips, participate in various activities and explore the world. They have ADVANCEMENT in the den and pack , and earn badges by meeting the needs of the requirements set forth for each age group. Because the Scouts are wearing uniforms, focused on common goals, targeted towards the same behavior, they BELONG together in the pack. They GO OUTSIDE !! We want to do our best to foster a love for the outdoors and choosing that over TV or electronics.



Pack meetings are held once a month, normally in the Buttonball Lane School Multi-purpose Room. Pack meetings are open to all Scouts and their families. Younger siblings are encouraged to attend, but are the responsibility of their parents. Scouts and their families attend Pack meetings (at least one parent or adult partner MUST attend Pack meetings with their Scout.)

Den meetings are generally held once per month in the home(s) of the Den Leader(s) or in Buttonball Lane School facilities (multi-purpose room, Art Room or a classroom). Occasionally, dens go on field trips (e.g. police or fire station, TV stations, etc), and meetings are held in special locations. Cub Scouts attend den meetings with a parent or adult partner.



Buttonball Lane Scouts are expected to do no less than they do everyday in school. From the school handbook :


Buttonball Lane student pledge of respect, which all the kids know, is :

I pledge to respect myself; respect others; respect learning; respect our school.

The motto is :

Here Everyone Respects Others

The golden rule is : Treat others the way you want to be treated !

Pack 241 expects this and more. We want EXEMPLARY behavior. The kids should be role models for others in BBL. We will enforce this through routines (flag ceremony, pledge, Scout Law, Scout Oath, Scout Motto, sitting down, falling in) and by encouraging them to model to each other and have the strength to enforce each other. It is expected that you will monitor your child's actions and help us to guide them to be leaders in the school ! It is a team effort !




Scouts are encouraged to attend all scheduled functions from September through May. We completely understand if you cannot make all the events. The pack is flexible and will do what we can to work with you (for example if you miss something required for your child to get a badge). Everyone is very busy these days, there are many conflicts, sports, parties, family events - we know ! Do what you are able to do and works for you and your family. 




Camp Outs / Sleepovers:

With adequate family interest and participation, the pack tries to hold three camp outs/sleepovers per year. These are open to the entire family - at least one parent or guardian must accompany the Scout. We camp at JB Williams here in Glastonbury, elsewhere like Hurd State Park, and we will have a sleepover at something like the Battleship in Fall River, MA, the CT Science Center in Hartford, or the Mystic Aquarium - as a few examples.

We know that not everyone wants to camp overnight, or may not want to sleepover at a location, which is perfectly fine. The events we schedule for these are in the daytime so that you can leave before the sleepover part if you need to. We will always try to respect the different age groups we have - for example we don't expect Lions to have to stay up until 9:30pm to make smores ! We will do our best to make sure all the families can do as much as possible that we can control across the range of ages and needs.


Service Project :

In April, we celebrate Earth Day through an environmental service project. Over the past several years, the Pack has planted trees, picked up trash and litter, spread mulch and cleaned up shrubbery beds at Buttonball Lane School and town parks. This project can be used, in part, to fulfill the requirements for the World Conservation Award. We coordinate this effort with the Buttonball Lane PTO.




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