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Pack 241
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Terry Clemens
    Cub Master

Paul Wechsler
    Committee Chair

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Glastonbury, CT

Membership in Pack 241 is open to all boys in grades one through five regardless of race, color or religion. Although most boys attend Buttonball Lane School, this is not a requirement.



Pack meetings are held once a month, normally in the Buttonball Lane School Multi-purpose Room. Pack meetings are open to all Scouts and their families. Younger siblings are encouraged to attend, but are the responsibility of their parents. Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts and their families attend Pack meetings (at least one parent or adult partner MUST attend Pack meetings with their Scout.)

Den meetings are generally held at least twice per month in the home(s) of the Den Leader(s) or in Buttonball Lane School facilities (multi-purpose room, Art Room or a classroom). Occasionally, dens go on field trips (e.g. police or fire station, TV stations, etc), and meetings are held in special locations. Cub and Webelos Scouts attend den meetings with a parent or adult partner.

Tiger Cub Den meetings are held once a month. These meetings are held in a Tiger parent’s home or a field trip location. Tigers and their parents or other adult partners attend these meetings.



Scouts are encouraged to attend all scheduled functions from September through May. Den Leaders will keep attendance records of Den and Pack functions for each of their Scouts. If a Scout misses three months of meetings without an excuse, then that Scout will no longer be considered part of the Pack.

Excused absences will be permitted under the following circumstances: illness, important family functions (e.g. weddings, funerals, etc); participation in a school, educational or religious activity; or for personal reasons at the discretion of the Cubmaster.


Annual Events

Camp Outs:

With adequate family interest and participation, the pack tries to hold three camp outs per year. These campouts are open to the entire family, and at least one parent must accompany the Scout. Webelos II Scouts will usually also camp with the Boy Scouts at least once during the year. Parents do not usually accompany the Scout on these campouts. However, one or two leaders per den will accompany our Scouts on the Boy Scout campouts.


Service Projects:

Several service projects are planned each year to help Scouts understand their roles in the community and learn the meaning of doing a “good turn.”

Scouting for Food is a national Boy Scout Service project conducted on two Saturdays in late October and early November. On the first Saturday, Scouts distribute empty grocery bags to homes in Glastonbury. The following weekend, Scouts return to pick up bags that have been filled with groceries and left on porches. The donated groceries are delivered to Hartford FoodShare, the organization which stocks most of the area’s shelters and soup kitchens (including those in Glastonbury).


Holiday Party: Each year the pack collects gifts and utility items which are given to local charities. For the past several years, the Pack has been supporting the South Park Inn, located on Main Street in Hartford, a shelter dedicated to providing shelter to the homeless and helping to get their residents into job training programs and substance abuse rehabilitation programs. The Pack delivers our gifts to the South Park Inn on the Saturday following our Holiday Party.


Spring Cleanup: In April, we celebrate Earth Day through an environmental service project. Over the past several years, the Pack has planted trees, picked up trash and litter, spread mulch and cleaned up shrubbery beds at Buttonball Lane School and town parks. This project can be used, in part, to fulfill the requirements for the World Conservation Award.


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